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Tools & Features

geothinQ’s GIS software is accessible and easy to use for any and all land professionals. Here is a breakdown of the tools and features of our GIS platform that will help you and your team make smarter land decisions.


Nationwide Data

geothinQ houses land data ranging from metro, to state and nationwide that is instantly accessible from any computer, tablet, or phone. Specific industries can benefit from different use cases in data availability. For example, solar developers may work across the U.S. or statewide, while home builders may only focus on one metropolitan area. That’s why we tailor our plans with varying customer needs in mind.


Buildable Area

Visualize the usable acreage for a property based upon the combination of slope, wetlands, soils, flood hazard zones, protected lands and/or critical habitat data. By understanding the buildable areas of a property, teams can determine the feasibility of a potential land project and develop site plans accordingly.


Search Layers

Get a holistic view of key land properties by exploring GIS data layers including wetlands, elevation, neighborhood boundaries, national historic places, HUB Zone data, wind data, soils, points of interest, land zoning, census data, traffic counts, roads, municipal boundaries, flood hazard zones, large parcel data, and much more.


Number Parcels

Number selected parcels for adjacent property maps to easily identify a desired parcel in a report or spreadsheet from a list of many. With this tool, users won’t need individual maps for every parcel, instead, you can create a single map of all the properties and/or export out the parcel data with the assigned numbers as a column so it’s easier to reference back and forth between maps and data.


Explore Data & Layers

Explore datasets based on chosen criteria to filter out unfit land opportunities and save time during the land research and site selection phases, ensuring greater success during development.



Create and organize pins to get your ideas and data on the map — giving you a better way to manage the due diligence process, stay organized and keep in-touch with team members in both on-site and in-office roles.


Create A Map

When it comes to GIS, the quickest way to convey information is visually — on a map. Create PDF maps with graphics and pre-stylized layers to be printed for reports and presentations.



Users can create shapes and text with our graphic tools to highlight areas of interest or better search boundaries — ultimately creating custom due-diligence maps quickly and easily.


Travel Areas

A physical address can play a role in the success of a business, new development, or a company relocation. View what’s in driving or walking distance from a property to compare locations of potential sites and competitor activity.



geothinQ’s GIS software was not designed to replace other land systems. Instead, we make it possible to import CAD, SHP, KML, and CSV files to quickly visualize plans against dozens of layers for a fast, in depth look at the surrounding environment.



Whether on-site or in the office, access, save work, and create presentations on the go or share it across the organization in real-time to improve team collaboration.


Toolbar Functions

Create travel areas, graphics, demographic reports based on census data, and more to fully understand the benefits or potential pitfalls of land projects.


Proximity Search

Streamline site evaluation workflows by searching for property within a certain distance of major roads or electric infrastructure.



Use charts to quickly interact with data results based on chart groupings. You can also analyze sales trends with interactive charts to ensure you’re always getting the best land deal possible.


Related Properties

Identify a parcel and quickly find related properties by owner name or address to simplify the searching process. You can also use the results to find adjacent properties or to find properties across county boundaries with similar ownership. This tool is a powerful way to quickly map all property owned by a specific owner.

GIS Tutorials & FAQs

Curious about the GIS software tools above? Check out our in-depth instructional videos and FAQs to learn more.

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