geothinQ GIS Data Visualization Platform for Construction Companies

geothinQ GIS Data Visualization Platform for Construction Companies


Quickly scope sites, determine buildability of a project and visualize data with easy-to-use GIS layers.

geothinQ’s GIS software provides a deep base of due diligence layers that make it easier to evaluate and visualize a job site before, during and after construction.


Estimate and price site work using layers and property boundaries


Add your data to the map with pins and attach due diligence documents so all information is in one place


Import CAD site layouts to quickly visualize design plans


Evaluate the buildability of land against environmental risks


Draw graphics and print PDF maps to share data visuals among your team and clients


Create reports to educate stakeholders through every step of a construction project

Select Site Construction Firms Using geothinQ

“We use geothinQ every day, the features are endless and it has become an essential part of our business."

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