geothinQ Land Visualization Software for Economic Development

geothinQ Land Visualization Software for Economic Development


Analyze current and potential properties to better understand the geography of your community.

geothinQ’s land analysis software and collaboration platform gives teams a more accurate depiction of a region’s true value.


Create compelling presentations with interactive charts to help business leaders visualize the potential of a region


Depict sites and nearby assets through the configuration of property data and GIS layers


Create graphics and print PDF maps to easily visualize and analyze data in order to find optimal sites


Create reports to analyze demographics, median income, and more with built in GIS tools and ACS Census data

Select Economic Developers Using geothinQ

“geothinQ provided us with access to companies that might not have contacted us. Our region is better able to promote our abundant assets and value proposition with this tool.”
Joe Melvin
NCSE Business Development Director

Top resources for economic developers looking to get started with GIS software:

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