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geothinQ GIS Software for Commercial Real Estate Analytics


Technology designed to drastically shorten time spent on researching and strategizing land for commercial real estate property deals.

geothinQ has easy-to-use mapping tools for evaluating land to help clients find property that is right for their business goals.


Explore and search CRE property data locally or from across the country


Help clients learn more about an area by visualizing valuable data such as soils, elevation, and wetlands that impact property


Put your clients at ease by answering questions and running queries to test development scenarios


Be mobile with on-demand data and analysis tools accessible on a tablet, smartphone, or computer


Draw graphics and create presentations with interactive charts for easy data visualization

Select Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents Using geothinQ

“geothinQ is a heck of a resource for anyone in commercial real estate. I no longer have to agonize over obtaining data, and clients tell me all the time that our information and packages are the best they’ve ever seen.”

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