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Feature Videos

Learn to create pie, bar, and time series charts using search results.

Learn how to use the Census Report tool to create a report of ACS Estimates.

Learn to create Travel Area polygons on your map as a graphic. View your range of travel from a point, or points, of interest.

Learn how to run a complex search on your data layers. Select a range of attributes and receive a table with your results.

Learn to use the Quick Search Bar to find addresses or to quickly search for properties by a range of attributes.

In this tutorial, learn how to import KML, CAD, and SHP files into your map as graphics.

In this tutorial, learn how to create graphics on your map. Use them in bookmarks or print them with your map as a PDF.

In this tutorial, learn how to export and share your data. Select a feature and export the geometry or export your table search results to use in presentations or reports.

View geothinQ’s numerous data layers, including wetlands, soils, elevation, FEMA Flood Hazard Zones, and soils data to learn the geography of your property.

Learn how to drop pins on your map and add notes, photos, or documents. Filter your pins or share them within your organization.

Learn how to print PDF maps to share with clients or use in a report or presentation.

Learn how to create and add bookmarks in geothinQ. Save the extent of your map, including all layers and graphics. Come back to the same spot in your next session or share them within your organization!