GIS and the Site Selection Process

Clients having trouble choosing the perfect site? GIS technology and value-based data can help answer the question of "where" during site selection!

Compatibility With Planning Software

Geographic data comes from all types of sources and geothinQ has created a tool that helps you get your data on the map without disrupting your workflow. Import CAD, ESRI shapefiles, Google Earth files specific to a site alongside geothinQ data.


Location sharing has become the norm in our technocentric world. Social media platforms build so many of their features off this principle, so why not the workplace?

Sharing Data

Access to data is all the rage these days and datasets are relied on more than ever when making business decisions. geothinQ allows you to export data into familiar formats compatible with a variety of programs.


With geothinQ, your team can easily share what is on your screen at any time using bookmarks. While zoomed in on a specific site, or area of interest, create a bookmark to save the extent of your map and any graphics and/or layers on your screen. Return to this bookmark during your next session to pick up where you left off or share it with another user.

Graphics to Create Maps

Most people categorize themselves as “visual learners”. When it comes to GIS, the quickest way to convey information is visually. Web-based maps and GIS applications mean that local knowledge is not the only way to learn about a location.

Searching Parcel Layers

When looking at parcels, what is it that makes a location unique?  Commercial real estate companies, municipal governments, utility companies, and other land development stakeholders rely on up-to-date parcel data not only for figuring out property boundaries, but for understanding all the minute details, like land value and the elements that make a location desirable.

Travel Areas

Location, location, location!  Your physical address can be the major deciding factor of whether your business, new development, or a company relocation makes it or breaks it.

All Aboard for Transit Improvements in Nashville

Have you heard? We are providing free access to the Transit for Nashville plan's proposed routes and stations, existing bus system, parcel boundaries, and exclusive use of our travel time tool in the geothinQ app to help you make an informed decision before casting your ballot on May 1st!

Economic Development on the Map

North Carolina's Southeast is in the business of courting the biotech industry and other businesses to invest in their region, part of their success lies in the ability to track and market the region's assets, leading to job growth and development.