NCSE Biotech

Identify all bio-renewable assets in the region with North Carolina Southeast's public geothinQ application.

Does “More MARTA” Mean More Development Opportunities?

Using Transactional Data to Locate Development Opportunities Near Proposed “More MARTA” Expansion Projects


geothinQ’s transaction points and neighborhoods give you all the transaction information needed to make the best decision for your business or organization.


Every year, the US Census Bureau releases a treasure trove of data from its American Community Survey, representing the most up-to-date estimates of demographics throughout the country. geothinQ allows you to make simple yet comprehensive reports based on this valuable data for any area, large or small.

Pin Groups

Pin Groups are the fastest way to share information with your organization. Add users to a group and all members will have the ability to view and edit pins as they are created. Members can upload files to pins for others to view and download on their own devices.

GIS and the Site Selection Process

Clients having trouble choosing the perfect site? GIS technology and value-based data can help answer the question of "where" during site selection!

Compatibility With Planning Software

Geographic data comes from all types of sources and geothinQ has created a tool that helps you get your data on the map without disrupting your workflow. Import CAD, ESRI shapefiles, Google Earth files specific to a site alongside geothinQ data.


Location sharing has become the norm in our technocentric world. Social media platforms build so many of their features off this principle, so why not the workplace?

Sharing Data

Access to data is all the rage these days and datasets are relied on more than ever when making business decisions. geothinQ allows you to export data into familiar formats compatible with a variety of programs.


With geothinQ, your team can easily share what is on your screen at any time using bookmarks. While zoomed in on a specific site, or area of interest, create a bookmark to save the extent of your map and any graphics and/or layers on your screen. Return to this bookmark during your next session to pick up where you left off or share it with another user.